The highest quality of service can only be provided by state-of-the-art vehicles operated by trained and reliable personnel.

Our fleet comprises 55 own trucks that meet the highest required European environmental standards (EURO 6 engines):

We carry out volumetric, complete, collective, non-scheduled, emergency and classical freight transportation up to the weight of 26 tons throughout the whole of Europe and the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

We carry transports with tugs and semi-trailers and trailers for subscribers of various industries: automotive, construction, paper, textile, food, furniture, household appliances.

All our vehicles are equipped with a modern navigation system, which allows us to monitor the cargo transportation routes of our customers.

  • 20 Semi Trailers 100 m3 (33 EP), load capacity 24-26t
    Dimensions: 13,60×2,50×3,00
  • 25 Trucks and Trailers 120 m3 (38 EP), load capacity 24t
    Dimensions: 7,30×2,50×3,00 plus 8,20×2,50×3,00
  • 10 Trucks and Trailers 120 m3 (38 EP), load capacity 24 t
    Dimensions: 7,70×2,50×3,00 plus 7,70×2,50×3,00
  • 1 Trailer 100 m3 (33 EP), carrying capacity 24t-26t
    Dimensions: 13.6 × 2.60 × 3.25
  • 1 Solo Vehicle with Lift Ramp (20 EP), load capacity 6 t
    Dimensions: 8,4×2,45×2,70


The objective of Sečnik Transport is to be an active partner for companies with transport and logistics requirements in Slovenia as well as in other countries that are closely related to our transport concept. Our features are quality, personal service and flexibility. This is provided by well-trained and committed employees and a wide network of external partners.

In order to achieve the highest volume of transport, appropriate capacities should be used, so we use the so-called jumbo trucks and mega trailers for volume transmissions on certain routes.

We take both partial and full service. We use modern 120 m³ jumbo trucks for transport. Our trucks with up to 38 pallet spaces correspond to each individual shipment according to your needs.

You can load cargo on the truck from the rear, from the top and also from the side.

All of our trucks are equipped with a GPS satellite system that allows you to control the precise location of the vehicle in real time.

7.72+7.72 LDM x 2.48m x 3m

38 Pallets 24 Tons 120 Cbm

Loads from sides, back or top


Sečnik Transport offers single or double-service transport for short or long distances according to the needs of the client. All express services will be carried out with the utmost attention and care of the timetable of the journey while respecting the European rules on roads and drivers.

We offer high-speed services in countries such as France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and on request in other European countries.